I had a normal school education culminating in an honours degree from the University of East Anglia in English and American Literature with Philosophy, but what I really wanted to do was fly, so as soon as I left university, I set about doing a Private Pilot’s Licence.  By the age of 21, I was teaching people to fly light aircraft and in 1981 I did my Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence.  This was shortly followed by a job with Air UK at Southampton Airport flying the Shorts 330 and then the Fokker F27.  In 1985, I joined Dan Air on the BAC 1-11, then in 1986, I joined British Airways as a long-haul pilot on the B747, transferring in 1987 onto the B747-400.  I soon became an instructor and an examiner on the B747-400 and had various management jobs.  After 20 years as a pilot, I took early retirement.  I subsequently learned Reiki and became a Reiki Practitioner, starting up my own business.  Later on, I added massage and myofascial release to my qualifications and became a massage/Reiki therapist.  I did an NLP Practitioner course in 2012 and added that to my work, then did my Reiki Master/Teacher course in 2013 and started teaching Reiki as well.  I did a teacher training course in 2015 and became a Member of the Guild of Therapy Lecturers before teaching various different types of massage and myofascial release.  In 2018 I added Shamanic Healing to my qualifications and started practising that as well.  I still felt there was something missing and that what I would like to do was work with people on a 1-1 basis to find a way of helping them to achieve what they wanted to achieve in life.  It was then that I moved into Life Coaching.

I was married for 25 years and divorced in 2008.  My passions include horses and dogs.

I believe I have a rich and diverse history and a great deal of personal experience with which to help people on their own personal journeys towards growth.  I also offer Past Life Regression for those who feel that their past lives might have some relevance to or impact on their journey in this life and wish to explore that.

Life Coaching Dorset – by Sarah Eustance

Sarah Eustance